The Gifts Of Life!

2020 was a universally challenging year: the pandemic, the economy, lockdown, and working remotely. It wasn’t easy to take the pain, the loss, the death, the politics, businesses closing, and our lives being forever and irrevocably altered, but if you look hard enough and long enough, you will find that 2020 was full of gifts. Gifts that, in their most simplistic description, are priceless!

In this course, Todd Duncan delivers 21 gifts of gratitude in this powerful course that will shift your mindset and make it easier for you to create a solid foundation for a productive, meaningful, and fulfilling life

In this course, you will learn:

● The Gift of Life

● The Gift of Purpose

● The Gift of Time

● The Gift of Trust

● The Gift of Attitude

● And fifteen more life-changing gifts!

Course curriculum

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    2020 Gave Me Episodes

    • 0_2020GaveMeTrailer_INTRO

    • 01_2020GaveMe-Day1 Gift of Life

    • 02_2020GaveMe-Day2 Gift of Purpose

    • 03_2020GaveMe-Day3 Gift of Time

    • 04_2020GaveMe-Day4 Gift of Trust

    • 05_2020GaveMe-Day5 Gift of Attitude

    • 06_2020GaveMe-Day6 Gift of Fear

    • 07_2020GaveMe-Day7 Gift of Love

    • 08_2020GaveMe-Day8 Gift of Health

    • 09_2020GaveMe-Day9 Gift of Belief

    • 10_2020GaveMe-Day10 Gift of Vision

    • 11_2020GaveMe-Day11 Gift of Courage & Creativity

    • 12_2020GaveMe-Day12 Gift of Surrender

    • 13_2020GaveMe-Day13 Gift of Choice

    • 14_2020GaveMe-Day14 Gift of Gratitude

    • 15_2020GaveMe-Day15 Gift of Grace

    • 16_2020GaveMe- Day16 The Gift of Character (Grit, Pain, Progress and Character)

    • 17_2020GaveMe-Day17 Gift of Self Discipline

    • 18_2020GaveMe-Day18 Gift of Emotional Connection

    • 19_2020GaveMe-Day19 Gift of Practice

    • 20_2020GaveMe-Day20 Gift of Happiness

    • 21_2020GaveMe- Day21 The Gift of Contentment