Do you have the playbook to succeed in any market condition?

Learn from the most trusted success source in the industry!

For the first time ever, industry thought leader Todd Duncan releases to the public the 5 things you will ever need to know to become wildly successful in any market, anywhere. Based on over 1000 interviews and 25,000 hours of coaching with high performing mortgage originators and real estate professionals, the IRREFUTABLE (4-hour) Workshop promises to:

- Enlarge your thinking

- Enhance your professional innovation

- Accelerate your impact and profit

- Recession-proof your business
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Efficiency Principles You Will Learn:

- The Rule of 3 that all top producers do every day.

- How to 8X how much you earn per hour in less than 90-days.

- Cash flow growth strategies to earn 6 figures a month.

- The #1 strategy to create massive freedom and happiness.


• How to get more business from fewer clients

• The top 5 steps to creating an emotional connection and faster and higher conversion

• The patented Circle of Cash Flow business model to produce more qualified referrals than you’ve ever dreamed possible.


Best-Selling Author & Transformational Speaker

Todd is a Sales Entrepreneur with over 5,000,000 students around the globe that he has mentored and taught in real estate, mortgage, banking, and financial services.

In his first career move, Todd became a Real Estate Broker and Licensed Loan Originator, successfully negotiating and financing over 5,000 Real Estate transactions in 12 years. He then took that success and launched The Todd Duncan Group with a vision of transforming how sales professionals build high-performing real estate and mortgage practices.

Todd has spent his life teaching and equipping professionals with the power of HIGH TRUST as the key catalyst in achieving their personal and professional dreams. As the leading Authority on Trust, he helps business professionals accelerate emotional connection with clients, increasing conversion and setting the client up for a lifetime of loyalty.