Leadership Mastery

Achieving leadership excellence is the most profound path every human must pursue. From the clarity and focus of Personal Leadership to the all-important responsibility of Professional Leadership, this single word changes everything. Purposeful leadership is the rallying call of the day!

Becoming a purposeful leader is a journey of discovering both the art and science of influence, the critical path to connection and motivation, and the glorious outcome of making an impact and creating significance. The driving force in achieving leadership excellence is trust. There is a ripple effect of trust that starts with you and continues to the furthest reaches of your organization, and your customers.

As you pursue this level of Mastery, there will be 6 key outcomes you will achieve. They are relationship, production, loyalty, attraction, growth and ultimately, brand lock-in. The promise of achieving Leadership Mastery is a super functional work force committed to vision and execution. The outcome of this is a well led company, and in terms of shareholder value, well led companies versus poorly led companies had a 900% increase in stock price over 10-years compared to only 74%

A Sample of What You Will Learn:

· How to Build a High Trust, High-Performance Culture

· How to Motivate People to Action Through Emotional Connection

· How to Use Core Values to Create an Empowered Workplace

· The Deadly Dozen Hidden Costs of Wrong Hires and How to Prevent Them

· How to Create Engagement and Turbo Charge Followership

· How to Use Competence Instead of Authority to Unleash Your Teams Performance