Life Mastery

Life Mastery will help you fall in love with your life. In life, it often feels like we are walking a high wire, and what we know for sure is if you stop moving, you will “fall off”. Truth be told, we are all on the wire. Haven’t you felt the pressure of performing without a net? Hasn’t life dealt you tough choices? Have there been days you thought you might not even make it? Have you missed deadlines on important projects, tried in vain to deflect stress, experienced the agony of leaving home for work, and even the fear of leaving work for home!

Perhaps you have had to decide between a boss’s request to attend a strategic planning session and your son’s first baseball game or your daughter’s first piano recital. Maybe the challenge at hand is making ends meet in difficult financial times. Or perhaps your spouse told you he or she didn’t love you anymore, and you felt the whole “wire” oscillate. We have all experienced the conflict that seems to inhabit our quest for success.

Key questions need to be contemplated as you journey toward your best life. How would the person you see yourself being in the future be handling the present? How would you live if this were your last month on earth? Would you consider the things you have accomplished thus far significant? Where would you spend the majority of your time? With whom? What would your legacy be?

Life Mastery will unlock the pathway to your best life ever.

A Sample of What You Will Learn:

• How to Purposefully Lean into Work Without Sacrificing Life and Lean into Life without Damaging Your Career

• How Purposeful Imbalance Unlocks More Balance and Progress

• Why Contentment is the Most Powerful Super-Power

• How to Achieve Right Livelihood And Pursue Your Calling

• How to Use “Dreamscaping” as Powerful Guidance System

• How to Achieve Both Success and Significance