Time Mastery

Time is the most valuable, non-renewable asset on the planet. It was a gift to you the day you were born. You can’t get any more of it. Its use is of the most urgent decision you make. Mastering the use of time by investing it wisely and evaluating the return on that investment is the top priority for any person anywhere, at any time, both in business and in life.

The most important exchange rate will always be the time you give and the return you get. In the world of business and economics, it becomes the single filter through which high-performance, growth, and profitability result. In life, it becomes the filter for the choices you make around personal growth, health, family and spiritual fulfillment.

Studies tell us that the highest performing 10% of workers don’t work full eight-hour days, and they take 17 minutes for every 52 minutes of focused work. We know that multi-tasking leads to a 40% drop in individual and team productivity and increases stress. In a very real way, the more hours people work, the less productive they are.

Time Mastery is about productivity and how to get more done in less time with less stress. Individually it is a profound operating system that allows business and life to win at higher and higher levels of fulfillment.

A Sample of What You Will Learn:

· How to Create a Better Rhythm for Daily Productivity

· How to Batch and Block Initiatives and Create Production Momentum

· How to Tame the Top Ten Time Robbers Like Interruptions and E-Mail

· How Teams and Time Mastery is the Ultimate Productivity Decision

· How to Say No and Create More Time to say Yes

· How to Increase Your Value to Increase Your Revenue and Make More Money per Minute